UCSF Real Estate is focused on the planning, development, delivery and management of physical space for UCSF. 

                  UCSF Real Estate is a newly formed department that brings together Campus Planning, Real Estate Services, Campus Design & Construction, Health Design and Construction, UCSF Health Major Capital Projects and Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland Capital Program Management. Our integrated unit will enable better alignment of planning, development, design, construction and management of all space across UCSF.

                  The department provides the following services:

                  Physical, Capital and Space Planning:  Professional planning services for all UCSF Campus and UCSF Health to guide the physical development of the campus and assist in strategic development and improvements of buildings and space.

                  Office of Campus Architect:  Provides campus-wide technical and aesthetic guidance; design standards; guidelines and policies for the built environment; and assures conformance with all UC, State and Federal codes.

                  Capital Program Management:  Manages the execution of the UCSF Capital Plan and provides project management services to those embarking on renovation or construction projects.

                  Building Permit Services:  Responsible for issuing, maintaining and tracking permits for all UCSF construction, alterations, additions, repair and demolition, along with inspecting all building projects to assure compliance with UC and California Building Standards Code.

                  Leasing, Asset Management, Acquisition and Disposition Administration:  Overseas UCSF’s real estate portfolio and negotiates commercial real estate transactions for Campus and UCSF Health. Provides asset management services for over one million square feet of leased office, laboratory, medical, clinic, and residential space. 

                  墙翻伋理网址: Provides technology and services in support of the UCSF Real Estate mission including:
                       Space Analytics: Data management of UCSF’s space inventory of 10 million square feet of owned and leased space.
                       Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Spatial mapping of the UCSF build environment as a resource for all UCSF.
                       Project Management Information Systems: Information required to execute projects successfully.
                       Document Management: Document control, archival and electronic record management and consulting.

                  Finance, Administration & Operations: Provides financial, HR and administrative management and support services for UCSF Real Estate.

                  UCSF Real Estate includes approximately 130 UCSF and 39 contract personnel; operating/recharge budgets of more than $45.2M per year; current year capital project expenditures of $450M; and oversight and responsibility for > $2.6B long-range capital development.


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